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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Two New Scooter Bloggers On My List Tonight

In response to my search for fellow scooter bloggers over at the International Scooter BBS, tonight I'm pleased to welcome two new scooterists to my blog list. The first is Scooter Diva, a website and resource for women that ride. There is a brand new and very comprehensive guide of available scooters for anyone interested.

Also, The Long Way Around tells in some interesting detail of one guy's fun and travails with his Vespa while he rides in San Francisco. The writer's had a devil's own bad time trying to get the transmission and clutch working properly, which doesn't speak well for Vespa's ability to meet customer requirements. But our intrepid writer's a good one and he's taken some lengthy journeys down California's coast and documented his adventures.

Check them both out!

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